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Ways to help the library

Posted by qcpl on July 21, 2008

The library, especially the branch libraries, are always in need of volunteers and supporters. Here are some ways you can help.

Adopt a branch library

a. Donate computers

The Main Library and Novaliches Branch are now fully computerized. The said libraries have an OPAC (online computer access catalog), 2 mbps internet connection, 7 computer units for academic research and free encoding for public elementary and high school students. We wish to replicate this to the remaining 19 branches.

You may donate working computers or support by donating any amount of money that will be used to purchase necessary equipment.

P 30,000 covers 1 computer unit

P 1, 000 covers 1 month subscription to the internet

P 7,000 covers 1 dot matrix printer

P 325 covers 1 ink for dot matrix printer

P 200 covers 1 ream of paper

Any amount, when pooled together will go a long way to help the library users in their research and academic needs.

We have prepared a feasibility study on the benefits of an interconnected library here.

b. Donate books

We want also our branch libraries to be complete in the best books, not just children books and textbooks.

To know what are the library’s present collection just go here.

To know what books we need, go here and here.

c. Subscribe to magazines

The main library through the Friends of the Library, subscribes to Time, Newsweek and Reader’s Digest. We hope that through the generosity of the supporters, this will be replicated at the branches.

Be a Volunteer Storyteller or Tutorials Teacher

Teach the students the love for reading. Be a volunteer storyteller for a day. Organize storytelling sessions near schools that will promote a branch library.

Be a teacher for tutorial classes. Subjects will be basic computer skills, information literacy and other school subjects. This program is in the planning stage and is suggested for those who have weekdays to spare. This can be done during Saturdays on the following branches: Main, Novaliches, Project 4 and Galas.

Be a Friend of the Library member

We welcome idealistic and energetic people who want to put their talents to good use whether as a writer, events organizer, fundraiser and friend-raiser to let more people know about what the library is doing.

Thank you very much for your interest and we hope to see you in the future. Please email us at quezoncitypubliclibrary(at)yahoo(dot)com or qcplvolunteers(at)gmail(dot)com


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Be a part of QCPL Volunteers!

Posted by qcpl on May 15, 2007

You are invited to join our elite corps of dedicated volunteers! By sharing your time and talent with us, you can make a big difference in the quality of library service in your community.

Library volunteers work side by side with staff in every library activity. There is an ongoing need at most branches for help in giving out directional queries, encoding the collection in the databases, sorting and shelving, assisting with special projects such as library promotion and outreach library development, demonstrating new technologies to the public, answering and following up through phone, shelf-reading, assist in various activities such as storytelling, puppet shows, and more.


At present here are the projects wherein the volunteers can help:

         give general information queries of the library

         assist in encoding the index for Quezon City ordinances and resolutions

         assist in encoding the title index for QCPL Periodical Collection

         assist in updating the website, guides, bulletin boards, etc.

         assist in the inventory

         assist in managing different sections of the library

         assist in the various exciting events such as storytelling, puppetshows, module trainings, etc.



Thanks to the over 100 individuals who contributed over 10,000 hours of service to the library during 2006 and 2007

We train!


You will be able to . . .

  • acquire new skills and gain recognized work experience
  • expand your social horizons
  • serve in your own neighborhood
  • keep up with the latest books
  • help, and be appreciated for it
  • receive staff privileges in regard to library fines (at completion of training)
  • brag that you volunteer for the largest, busiest public library system in NCR!

What is expected of you?

  • respect the public and be responsive to its needs
  • be willing to learn
  • meet the schedule and length of service that you have negotiated with the library

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